Lil Durk vs. OCS

The mail order marijuana business is booming in Canada with new dispensaries opening up online every day. Lil Durk and OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) are two such dispensaries where customers can order recreational and medical marijuana online.

The market is set to skyrocket with increasing numbers of customers opting to buy marijuana online from the comfort of their home. However, so many companies, each with their own product ranges and complex grading criteria result in a lot of confusion for newer and even older customers. There’s simply too much choice and too many websites in the market today.

What customers need is a guide, an expert opinion on each aspect of the top Canadian mail order marijuana websites to help them choose what they need better. That’s exactly what we aim to help customers with by providing expert comparisons of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Today, we will be comparing OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) and Lil Durk, on the basis of their respective product range, product quality, prices, promos and deals, and customer service. Let’s go!

Lil Durk vs. OCS : Product Range

First things first, we’ll be looking at what kind of products both websites have available for sale. Lil Durk and OCS are primarily cannabis dispensaries which means they both sell cannabis, concentrates, and various accessories. However that being said, both sites have very different and specific product ranges and we will look at them one by one.

To begin, let’s compare the marijuana flowers that each dispensary sells. In this regard OCS offers the larger amount of buds and strains available, stocking up to 99 different sativas, indicas and hybrids. Lil Durk on the other hand has 65 premium strains to choose from, bbut there is a marked difference between the cannabis both dispensaries offer.

As one of the oldest premium mail order marijuana websites Lil Durk has made sure that each strain they stock is carefully curated and graded. Their unmatched experience in the business translates into a strict focus on product quality. They grade all their stock according to the AAAAA grading scheme ensuring that the client is always aware of the quality of product they’re getting. Lil Durk’s quality is unbeatable, be it Apple Afghani Hash, or hybrids like Super Lemon Haze. On the other hand even though OCS has such a large product range, they do not have any grading system in place.

Both Lil Durk and OCS also stock concentrates, and this too is where Lil Durk takes the game away. Stocking more than 60 different kinds and strains of concentrates, Lil Durk offers shatters, budders, organic rosins and oils.

OCS on the other hand offers only 34 products in the concentrates section and most of them are oils. OCS also does not stock any edibles, whereas Lil Durk has up to 34 different kinds of edibles for customers to choose from.

Even though OCS has a larger stock of flowers for sale than Lil Durk, their product range is very limited in terms of other products by comparison. Lil Durk is simply a one-stop shop for all your marijuana needs. Both websites stock a wide range of accessories but OCS offers only 155 products in this criteria. Lil Durk offers it’s customers one of the largest accessories list with more than 600 other products available that OCS does not stock. These various CBD extracts, tinctures and topical creams, all kinds of smoking accessories including rolling papers, premium bongs, pipes, vacuum boxes, and lighters, and many different premium brands of vape pens, oils, as well as personal care and pet health products.

Lil Durk has one of the most extensive product ranges available online and is an obvious choice for a user when compared with Ontario Cannabis Store.

Lil Durk vs. OCS : Product Quality – What Users Say

Our next criteria is product quality and in order to find out how both OCS and Lil Durk compare, we turn to what actual customers have to say about them. To find out we logged on to the reviews sections on both websites.

Quite unfortunately, OCS does not provide any user reviews for their products or company on their website. This means that we have no way of judging how happy their customers are with their product.

On their website, Lil Durk has an average full 5/5 stars rating for almost all their products, indicating that their clients are super happy with their products. As one of the oldest and most experienced cannabis dispensaries in Canada, Lil Durk is renowned for their attention towards quality.

This means that customers need not look any further than Lil Durk if they require the most premium quality cannabis in Canada.

Lil Durk vs. OCS : Pricing

This criteria is the make or break factor for many customers. Pricing is a factor that almost all customers keep in mind before buying marijuana online and the prices that an online dispensary offers decide what kind of and how many customers will buy from them. So without further ado, let’s compare the prices that Lil Durk and OCS offer their customers.

Lil Durk let’s customers order by the gram or ounce, however they prefer. There is no minimum order limit and prices are compatible with both units. Unfortunately, OCS does not have the same system and only sells in grams. A further disadvantage is that your minimum order must be above 30 grams making this an inconvenience for customers who might want a lesser amount.

Below are the average prices that Lil Durk and OCS offers to their customers.

Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
OCS: $260.00 – $290.00
Lil Durk: $180.00 – $200.00

As you can see, there is a big difference in price between the two dispensaries with OCS being way more expensive than Lil Durk. Keeping the other criteria in mind, so far Lil Durk seems to be winning with the most products, best quality and cheaper prices.

Lil Durk vs. OCS : Promotions

We’ve seen how the two sites compare in terms of quality and pricing, let’s see which one has the best promotions and offers for their customers!

We will begin with OCS. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to share here as OCS does not offer many promotions, offers, or deals except for a few seasonal sales which are few and far apart.

When you think about it, OCS does not really seem that much of a choice, as not only are their prices much higher than Lil Durk, they also do not offer any promotions.

Turning to Lil Durk, we can see that this is a dispensary that cares about their customers. Not only are there promotions very easy to find and understand, there are also a LOT of them.

This is because the Lil Durk website has a special section just for promos, and here you can find up to 12 different offers and deals! These include sign-up and first order bonuses, a very lucrative referral program and various other promos that offer up to 25% off on different products!

However, the most amazing part is their monthly lucky draw where customers can win up to $1500 in prizes and store credit, with the total giveaway per month being $3000! Who can resist a deal like that?

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s no surprise, really that Lil Durk is the better choice of the two when it comes to promos and deals!

Lil Durk vs. OCS : Shipping & Customer Service

Our next important criteria for comparing Lil Durk and OCS is shipping and customer service.

OCS ships it’s products via Canada Post standard delivery and charges $5 per order. Lil Durk uses Canada Post Express delivery for it’ shipping and charges a standard shipping rate of $15 on all orders. This might seem high but Lil Durk ships all orders above $99 for absolutely free, which means that pretty much all your orders will be shipped for absolutely no charge.

As for customer service, Lil Durk complies to one of the highest quality standards in the industry – offering its customers is a 24 hour, live chat service, where their knowledgeable support team is available round the clock to help customers make the right choice!

While OCS does not have a live chat feature, customer privacy is important for both websites and they ensure that packages are shipped discreetly and customer data is safe.

Considering all of the factors discussed above, Lil Durk is certainly the right choice seeing that they have the most products to choose from, the highest product quality, cheapest prices and best customer service!

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