Apawthecary Hemp Dog Treats


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Apawthecary Hemp Dog Treats are Canadian made, with non-GMO, human grade food ingredients. Animals have the same Endocannabinoid System we have so Apothecary has created a well loved hard biscuit to ensure the dogs have access to their daily intake. Each treat contains 3mg of hemp. Apothecary Hemp Dog Treats contain cinnamon, it’s as important to dogs as it is to people and we are using an award winning recipe, to make it the fantastic Dog Treats it is. Cinnamon has numerous benefits for the dogs: lowering cholesterol, helping manage diabetes (can help regulate blood sugar levels), aids in digestion, improves circulation (good for the heart), help with allergies and is a natural preservative. Apothecary added the super food, hemp, in the form of oil, powder, and hearts. Apothecary use a glutton free recipe and only use human grade food. These Dog Treats have helped pups overcome seizures, anxiety, and various types of pain, usually from torn muscles or Arthritis. Dogs that could barely move are walking , and sometimes running, again. Each bag contains approximately 42 treats Ingredients: Oat Flour, Chana Flour, Applesauce, Coconut Oil, Rolled Oats, Powdered Milk, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein, Hemp Oil, Eggs, Beef Broth or Chicken Broth, Cinnamon, Hemp Terpenes, Vitamin E (for preservative)