Banana’s and Blow 14G


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Bananas & Blow is a highly prized hybrid strain favoured for it’s light and sweet flavour and aroma as well as its powerful and potent balance of indica and sativa properties in a perfect 50/50 ratio. This is 3.5 grams of pro-cert certified 100% organic craft grown Canadian cannabis guaranteed to be free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, industrial solvents and other artificial additives. All of our cannabis is proudly grown, produced and packaged in Canada and we put it in a cool reusable can for extra freshness and convenient storage! Bananas & Blow is an indica and sativa 50/50 hybrid meaning that its effects are a heady cocktail of the trademark euphoric indica cerebral high and body buzz coupled with the uplifting, focused energy of sativa. This strain is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys the relaxing and overwhelming indica high but prefers not to lock themselves to a couch or have an accidental mid-afternoon nap. An excellent choice for bursts of focused creativity, reducing anxiety in social situations or calming the nerves before public speaking.