Cannamo CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Cannamo CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Total CBD: 1000 MG

Designed to cater to a variety of ailments.

1000mg/50ml bottle

20mg CBD / 1ml

Oil infused with 99.9 percent lab tested CBD isolate. Using carefully selected highest grade sourced from the country of Greece. It contains NO THC & is solvent free. Our oils are quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for great taste.

Utilizing medicine that’s been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years & intersecting it with modern day tech to present to you today with our ‘remedies’ crafted range of oils – a homage to all that is ancient, healing and therapeutic.

Our oils are formulated for those with trauma, pain and appetite (can add more) issues or problems commonly associated with old age.

– Organic
– Locally Sourced
– Quality centric formulations
– Absolutely solvent free
– Lab certified