Dark Grape


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Dark Grape cannabis strain is a 100% pure Indica that has a silky grape flavor and a THC average of 21%.

Dark Grape|Indica|21 – 24% THC

Dark Grape, also known to many as “Black Grape,” is a 100% pure indica strain created through a cross of the delicious Blackberry Kush X Grape Romulan strains. Like its name suggests, the flavor of Dark Grape is very fruity with a sweet smooth grape taste that’s accented by spicy berries. The aroma is very spicy and dank with a smell of rotting berries that’s accented by a surprising sweetness. Dark Grape buds have dark olive green oblong nugs with dark purple undertones and leaves and a frosty thick coating of clear crystal trichomes that look almost purple in the light. The Dark Grape high is one that is full-bodied and long lasting, perfect for any indica lover. The high starts with a euphoric head rush that offers a powerful mood boost while leaving you hazy and somewhat lethargic. As this uplifted effect builds, your body will slowly succumb to a heavy stone that leaves you completely couch-locked and utterly hopeless to move any time soon. Because of these effects and its moderate THC level of 21% on average, Dark Grape is the perfect choice for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, chronic anxiety or stress, inflammation, and insomnia.

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