Dosi Cheesequake


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What do you get when you combine the dank and sweet Do-si-Dos strain with Cheesequake? Dosi Cheesequake. Simple enough, right? A heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain, Dosi Cheesequake blends the best of both worlds to create a potent and powerful blend of strong indica effects and sweet, pungently cheesy flavours. Offering 23% THC on average, these large and chunky nugs are an absolute powerhouse in power and flavour. If you’re looking for a strain with bag appeal, you found it in Dosi Cheesequake. The cheesequake strain, already known for its strong, cheesy aromas, when combined with Do-Si-Dos, famous for its dank fruit aroma, creates an aroma so strong and overpowering that it’ll blow your senses away. Following in line with its flavour, Dosi Cheesequake delivers a confusing yet addicting blend of fruity and cheesy flavours. Your palette will no doubt be confused but you’ll want to take hit after hit to get more of its dank and pungent flavour! Dosi Cheesequake has a classic indica structure with dense, spade-shaped nugs. Forest-green in colour with a fine dusting of trichomes on the surface, this strain’s bag appeal extends beyond its pungent aroma with beautiful nugs that are oversized and chunky. Dosi Cheesequake is an indica powerhouse. Despite it being an indica-dominant hybrid, its effects are almost completely indica in nature. After the first hit of its cheesy and fruity smoke, you’ll feel a wave of heaviness and relaxation wash over your body as your limbs grow heavier and heavier. A cerebral head-high will take hold and release any stress, tension or pain that you might be holding on to. After some time, this translates into a content euphoria that’ll match perfectly with Dosi Cheesequake’s strong, sedative effects. It’s off to snoozeville in minutes! If you’re suffering from insomnia, anxiety or depression, this strain is perfect for relieving some of those worries to help you get the rest you need!