Hooti 7 Gram Shatter Mix & Match


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Hooti 7 Gram Shatter Mix & Match lets you pick 7 grams of shatter for only $155!

Hooti Extracts Shatter is made with a closed-loop extraction to produce shatter that combines quality with authenticity. Our unique approach ensures solvent-free concentrates that are as pure as our extraction process. Preserving the delicate flavour and aroma bouquet of our source flower, we take care to deliver a superlative shatter experience that’s emblematic of premium cannabis.

Strains Include:

White Rhino
Strawberry Cough
AK 47
Purple Space Cookies
Wedding Cake
Tom Ford
Blue Dream
Pineapple Express
God’s Green Crack
Girl Scout Cookies
Maui Wowie
Grand Daddy Purple
Sour Tangie
Durban Poison
Death Bubba
Lemon Skunk
Pink Kush