Jupiter OG


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Named for the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter OG has a big impact on its users. Not only does this indica boast one of the highest yields of the planetary strains, it’s also fast-acting and extremely potent. Known among the celestials for its particularly dense nugs with an abundance of reddish hairs, Jupiter OG leaves nothing to be desired. This strain features a pungent fuel smell and overpowering taste. Jupiter OG provides a very heavy and long-lasting body high, making it great for people looking for relief from insomnia or pain. Jupiter OG is named after the biggest planet of the solar system. It has a very strong impact on your system, which is why it is good for smoking at night because it makes you feel drowsy. This Indica dominant hybrid cannabis has a good potency and a THC level ranging between 17.24 and 18.46 percent. Jupiter OG has dark green colored buds with dark orange colored hairs. It produces a strong high that lasts in your system for at least an hour or two. The calming high of Jupiter OG also makes you feel euphoric and sleepy, which is why it is a good cure for insomnia. It has a strong and skunk-y aroma. The flavor of this strain is quite pungent and is a blend of earthy and skunk-y flavors. Jupiter OG is a good antidote of stress and provides you relief from its symptoms. You can also use it for treating cramps, insomnia and different kinds of mild pains.