Medicated Tea Bags 60mg THC


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Whether you’re searching for stress reducers, anxiety help, or improved focus, Mary’s Brew carries a delicious line of Medicated Tea Bags to suit every taste. Edibles are not only a great source of essential nutrients and calories, but they also help with nausea – and they don’t require inhaling smoke that can potentially damage your health. Eating marijuana tends to produce a stronger and much longer-lasting high than smoking it, as it is absorbed into the body and metabolized. Each blend of Mary’s Java provides a convenient, discreet way to medicate at your pace – with a rich-tasting flavor that can’t be beat. Not only do we use high-quality ingredients straight from nature, but we also never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. As previous patients ourselves, we firmly believe in providing a healthier and tastier beverage

.Each Order Includes 1 Tea Bag

60mg THC / 6mg CBD Per Tea Bag

Available in 9 Varieties Echinacea Tea Earl Grey Tea Green Tea French Vanilla Cappuccino Chamomile Tea Original Tea Chai Tea Hot Chocolate Lemon Tea