Raw Clipper Lighter


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Clipper lighters are multi-function, refillable, and have replaceable flint, making them both versatile and sustainable. It’s no wonder that RAW has invested in personal branding on these lighters since they reflect the brand so well!

Each RAW Clipper Lighter is filled with isobutane, which burns cleaner and stronger than normal butane, and can be easily refilled by the charging port at the bottom. What makes Clipper lighters unique, though, are the removable poker & flint chamber.

But that’s not all! Clipper lighters are designed with a unique flame that gets stronger the more it is tilted. To light your smokes, keep it upright; for pipes and bowls, hold it sideways; if you want to use a clipper lighter to heat concentrates? Don’t worry, it can be done! Tilt the lighter at a low angle for a larger, stronger flame, capable of heating quartz bangers to melt dabs and waxes!