Sour Blue Raspberry 480mg THC


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Notice 1: Tasty THC products come in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica variations – we can not guarantee which variation you will receive on your order. Notice 2: We receive an assortment of Vegan and Non-Vegan items – unfortunately we cannot guarantee which variation you will receive. Sour Blue Raspberry will always be a childhood favourite. Now they’ve gotten even better when you can medicate with them! Sour Blue Raspberry by Tasty THC are not only delicious, but they’re packed with 480mg THC, and 40mg of CBD. 12 Pieces with 40mg THC Each 480mg THC/ 40mg CBD in Each Order Ingredients: THC Distillate, Sugar, Glucose, Glucose-Fructose, Water, Coconut Oil, Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Vanillin, Water, Lorann Watermelon Flavour, Red Food Colour If you love blue raspberry, check out these Sour Blue Raspberry Rings from Tasty THC THC Dosage Chart Tasty THC is here to bring high quality edibles with a fresh “bakeover” Creating a delicious line of treats that compares to the deserts of your dreams!