Sticky Icky Gummies 150mg THC


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Sticky Icky Gummies 150mg THC

What do you get when you combine the sweet and sour flavour or Sour Cherry and pure THC cannabis oil? What you get is one of the best edibles you will ever try. The Sticky Icky Sour Cherry Bombs are a delicious sweet and sour THC cannabis treat that is made with 15mg of THC. Each pack of Sticky Icky has 150mg of THC which is enough to make anyone happy.

Sticky Icky is an edible based candy company that is making some of the best edibles in Canada. They use a Co2 extraction process to use only the purest form cannabis oil and Sticky Icky has made some of the best edibles in Canada.

Once you try these Sour Cherry Bombs you will be hooked. Recreational marijuana users love these edibles for their ability to make you feel euphoric, happy and creative. These Sour Cherry Bombs will make you feel great and for medicinal marijuana users, they can help with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other ailments.

Likewise, Sticky Icky cannabis candies help stimulate the mind and the body. It reduces anxiety, helps with pain relief, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, and leaves you feeling euphoric after consuming it. The Sour Cherry Bombs are a sweet and little sour in taste and you will never notice the 100% THC cannabis oil.