Strawberry Ganja Leaf 180mg THC


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Each package contains 180mg THC

Amnesia Extractions’ handcrafted edibles use a proprietary blend of lab tested distillate and full spectrum THC MCT oil to elevate the experience. MCT oil can provide instant energy because it can easily enter cells without being broken down, which makes it a perfect carrier oil for THC. Patients can expect to feel high faster as the body can absorb THC efficiently. Amnesia Extraction Edibles are made for heavy stoners. For beginners, we recommend starting off with a small piece. Each bag comes with a sour sugar packet, citrus acid and sugar, for those who enjoy the sour sugar coating mixed or dipped in with their gummies. You may add more sugar to get your desired coating if the packet is too sour for your liking.mulsifier (Soy), Vanilla (Artificial Flavor)