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weed advent calendar



ORDERS PLACED NOW UNTIL SEPT 30th WILL RECEIVE $150 IN CREDITS INSIDE THE CALENDAR. *Must be paid in full by Sept 30th to receive offer, no exception.

We sold out last year early so make sure not to miss out this year! NEW CALENDAR DESIGN! NEW ITEMS INSIDE!! Woot Woot!

Limited quantities being sold this year to keep it exclusive 😉 This also makes a great Christmas gift!

♥ Bitcoin & cash payment options SAVE 10%. SEND us your order number so we can adjust invoice ♥

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house everyone was smoking, even the mouse.
Enjoy this adult version of classic Christmas advent calendar filled with cannabis products. Each day there will be something new to try. The numbers on the boxes are faint but there 🙂

*Filler options are exactly the same as options below. However you will not receive a calendar box, just the filler so you will have to fill your own or use last years re-usable calendar.

Available in 8 fill options:

Flowers Only :(26 grams)
Indica Flowers Only : (26 grams) – CHECK IN WITH US!
Sativa Flowers Only : (26 grams) – CHECK IN WITH US!
Low Dose Edibles : (24+ items) 5mg THC – 30mg THC per box.
Edibles Only : (24+ items) 5mg THC – 200mg THC per box.
Flowers/Edibles : 12 Edibles +12 grams mixed flowers – (each box with edibles will have 1-5+ treats per square.
Chocolate Lover’s : (Chocolate items only) 24+ items
CBD Only : 24 mixed cbd only items (edibles, capsules, topicals, etc)
Lights Out : 24 mixed items (edibles, capsules, high thc flowers) each box will contain a min 50mg – 400mg of THC. Flowers will contain 18%+ THC. This is NOT for new users
Concentrates/Mix : 24 mixed items (concentrates, edibles, flowers, capsules, etc.)

All Calendars Pre-order Only

Indica & Sativa flower only fill , options may contain doubles of select flowers. Sativa/Indica calendars may include sativa/indica dominant hybrid as long as its 70% Sativa/Indica dominant or higher. *Sativa flowers options are limited so expect alot of doubles and sativa dominant hybrids.

CBD Only fill options may contain a sample of CBD topicals, capsules, edibles & Flowers

Additional shipping charges may be applied if other items are order with the calendar, and are requested to be shipped first

Current Strains Featured:

El Jefe, Blue Koolaid Jager, Jager Cookies, Jetfuel Gelato, God’s Gift, Mama Mia, Pink Kush, Orange Push Pop, Grape LA, Black Gelato, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Black Diamond, Blueberry, Jack White, Platinium OG, Ghost OG, Apricot Kush, Death Bubba, Tuna Kush, Lemon Sour Diesel, Bruce Banner, Hawaiian Dream, Sour Tsunami, Dark Side of the Moon, Purple Haze, Astro Pink, Querkle, Pink Runtz, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, Double Bubble, MK Ultra, Night Nurse, Jack Skelligton, etc

…. Plus

Note the above list is a reference of strains currently available and are subject to change. Calendars are filled randomly based on available inventory. You may not request specific strains to be included in your calendar order.

*We recommend Xpresspost or Priority for orders placed on or after Oct 1 or they are not guaranteed for Dec 1. Canada Post has stated there will be delays during this season and we start shipping spring/summer pre orders starting Nov 15th and so on in order they were received.

Please remember if you order items with this it will all ship together at once. These start shipping Nov!

*Orders placed after November 1st must pay for Priority to get for the 1st or they will start shipping in Dec for a Xmas gift. It’s recommended to do Xpresspost for Xmas as Canada Post is behind. Please text us for rates as we do not have on the site due to high variance in price.

*No coupons, points can be applied to calendar. This is a promotional item and we will not process unless paid in full.